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Home décor is a reflection of the owner’s personality. It sets the entire tone of the home and creates an aura and ambience. Selecting every item of decoration, hue scheme, centrepieces, doors, and even minute details like fans and ceilings play an essential role. Decorating a home is an art, and it requires a lot of creativity and vision. The home decorator needs to have ample knowledge about colour scheme and lights. A tinge of greenery in the home has now become a trend, along with experiments with modern rugs and lamps.

Following are the top 21 items to keep in a home to make it beautiful:

Grand entrance

The entrance of the home helps in making the first impression. A grand entryway with a lush garden and sculptures can make any entry look luxurious and elegant. The entry sets up the tone for the décor of the entire home. The contrasting colour of the stairs to the wall and the plants need to be well decided and planned.

Lights and lamp

Lights, light fixtures and lamps are some of the essential items of a home. They have both practical as well as decorative aspects. They make a home functional and beautiful. Ranging from traditional to modern and varying in sizes, a home decorator now has multiple options at their disposal. Home décor enthusiasts can now pick from ceiling lights that may be LED to hanging, modern to rustic and choose the entire ambience of their home.

Signature scent

Every home décor enthusiast knows how important it is to keep the home smelling fresh. A signature scent is what the homeowner loves and feels comfortable using; it could be inspired by nature or any other item of beautiful fragrance. Home decorators need to keep in mind the scent mild so that it does not irritate other people living in the home and the family’s pets. These days’ markets are filled with machines that are automated when it comes to dispensing scent. If the homeowners are not comfortable using aerosol sprays, they can go for diffusers, and even incense sticks and even essential oils are in trend these days.


Picking the right furniture with functional aspects without making the home décor look too cluttered is the key. Always look for furniture which provides more comfort than just beautiful looks. A comfortable sofa and chair go a long way. The table in the home needs to be durable and sturdy because nobody wishes to invest in it again and again.

Wall paintings

Home decorators can pick from an array of options ranging from modern to traditional, heavy to minimal when it comes to paintings and their arrangement. The room, after installing the image, should have ample space on the wall and for light. Make sure to pick up a painting that is appropriate for all audience.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are multipurpose. They provide sectioning to the room and a cushion to the feet. Carpets help in preventing echoes. A good rug can go on for long years if installed, keeping the pile of the rug and traffic of the room in mind. They vary from traditional to modern to contemporary.

Dramatic floors

Why have dull floors when you can go ahead with crazy designs and patterns?

Utilizing the floor tiles and marbles, any home decorator can now weave patterns on their floor. Ranging in colours, size and quality, both marbles and tiles can be excellent options to create beautiful floor designs. If the home decorator wants to take one step ahead, they can go along with the tiles’ customization, which is now available in the market.

Curtains and tassels

Curtains are the mirage through which we see the room. It filters, reflects, and even blocks the light from entering a room. The curtain’s colour needs to be paid attention to concerning the wall’s colour, light fixtures and furniture. Choosing the correct length and fabric is also very crucial. From single colours to various patterns, there are a variety of curtains available in the market. Make sure to pair it with a tassel of contrasting colour to bind it.

Sofas and sitting

Sofas and chairs are essential functional elements of a home. Why not pick a piece that adds to the beauty of the house as well? Look for a design that is more compact than space-consuming. Pick a fabric, colour and design that goes well with the remaining items of the room and compliments the wall’s colours.

Dressing and powder room

They are as important as any other room or section of a home. It should have ample lights to make the dressing and make-up easy.

Dining room

It is the place where culinary excellence can be enjoyed. It should have ample space and furniture to sit family members and have room to move around. Home decorators can experiment with the source of natural light as well when it comes to the Dining area, which can be an open space too.


This area of the home should be comfortable and practical. It should have a warm and quiet ambience which can help people in concentrating better. Keep the furniture to the minimal and space to store stationery maximum.


The library, too, should be a quiet and comfortable place where a reader can retire to gain knowledge and attain a little peace. It should have cool coloured walls with minimum furniture and a ladder if the books are stored at a higher place. The decorator can experiment with antique decorative items and furniture in this room with a map of the world or a beautiful golden globe.

Decorative antiques

They can accentuate the beauty of the home is placed in the right corners. Make sure to pick dramatic yet compact sculptures.

Green gardens

Greenery in the home always looks beautiful and is soothing to the eye. Home décor enthusiasts can dabble and experiment with various plants and flowers in their garden to give their home a more holistic look and feel.

Decorative plants

Plants like bonsai and lucky bamboo in corners with spotlights can complete any look. Make sure they receive ample sunlight and air for them to have a longer life.

Flowers and vases

The freshly cut flowers area was classic and irreplaceable. Long-stemmed roses or carnations can make any room feel fresh and beautiful. They add a natural scent and can act as beautiful and elegant centrepieces.

Fantastic fabrics

To give your home a complete and holistic look, make sure to pick some fantastic fabrics with different colours and patterns. Choose from a variety of table cloths, sofa covers, to beautiful curtains.

Wonderful walls

Nowadays, with the availability of customized paints, lead-free paints and eco-friendly paints, the sky is the limit. The homeowner can pick any colours and splash the wall with them, making a room vibrant or elegant.

Creative ceilings

Home decorators do not prefer plain and boring ceilings anymore. They are now experimenting with false ceilings, fall ceilings and ceilings decorated with striped LED or hanging lights.

Beautiful patterned wallpapers

If a home decorator does not want to paint a room, they can go ahead with cool and trendy wallpapers. They are easy to install and easier to replace once they become dull. Make sure to keep the colour of the furniture and curtain in mind before picking a wallpaper.

Different home decorators have other choices; some want a traditional outlook, whereas some wish to keep their home modern and trendy. A home is where people come and unwind; it is the place to feel happy and celebrates moments that matter. From my time to gatherings and celebrations, they happen at home. One needs to be prepared for all of this. House needs to feel warm, cozy, comfortable and reflect the homeowner and Home Decor List precisely that for you with a massive variety of home décor items under one click.

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