Top 20 Décor List That Makes Your Living Room Beautiful

A living room says a lot about the owner’s style and taste. The living room becomes the first place where renovation usually begins. A lot can be done in order to create a personalized look for the room. It could be an all-black and white theme or champagne and rose gold theme to make the room more luxurious. People nowadays like to experiment with lights, plants, and rugs. If decorating a living room seems overwhelming, here are a few tips:

Theme: House Decor List

Theme: House Decor List


The whole décor of the living room needs to have a theme. It helps in keeping the coherence and continuity. Every item on the décor list for the room needs to match with the theme or it will look odd.

Grand painting: House Decor List

Grand painting: House Decor List


A grand painting can become the focal point of your living room. Invest in a painting and it will elevate the whole tone of the home. It also is a method to express your taste and cultural identity too.

Beautiful fabrics: House Decor List

Beautiful fabrics: House Decor List

A lot can experiment with beautiful textiles and fabrics. They can be used as curtains, sheets, pillow covers, etc. various other items could be used to create an element of pop and help elevate the theme of the décor. Floral and abstract shapes as a theme are trending these days on curtains and bedsheets. The variety of colors allow the owner to experiment with the colors, patterns, designs, and textures. Layering helps make the room feel cozy and warm on a chilly winter morning.

Light and fixtures: House Decor List

Light is the most important factor when it comes to decorating any room. Beautiful lights and fancy fixtures can totally match the theme these days. With multiple color options and styles available in the market, they now work as décor accessories.

Add sculptures: House Decor List

Interesting sculptures can be used to oomph up the room. It breaks the expected lines and boxes and interesting shapes can help break the monotony.

AntiquesHouse Decor List

They are precious pieces from different times. It adds up value and makes the space look beautiful. A small stool, a mirror, or even an old timepiece can help create something wiser and timeless.

Paint: House Decor List

The color hues of the living room helps set the entire tone of the home. Mixing the palettes sometimes can give wonderful results. Patterns and textures can add more playful elements to the room.

Furniture: House Decor List

Furniture plays a dual role in the room. It is used as a décor item and also serves a functional purpose for the members of the family. Furniture needs to be easy on the eyes, pocket and should be comfortable to use. The room should not be cluttered with the furniture as well and should allow passage for movement of people and air.

Plants: House Decor List

Plants as a décor item are fool-proof. People nowadays are installing vertical gardens in their living rooms in order to battle the air pollution outside. They make a room cool and are beautiful to look at. Money plant, jade plant, the snake plant is some of the common indoor plant variety. They become excellent corner decors and lamp-shade companions.

Flower vases: House Decor List

Beautiful long vases or even the shot–cute ones, become beautiful décor items. A room full of long-stem roses or lilies instantly gets a color pop and some beautiful fragrance too. They help keep the room fresh naturally and are enjoyed by all.

Books: House Decor List

Book-lovers always try to keep their books near and beautifully stacked. Keeping the collection on display is a thing of pride and honor. A beautiful wooden bookshelf with books arranged neatly is a classic sight and very rare these days.

Lampshades: House Decor List

Lampshades are exemplary examples of dual décor items. They make the room beautiful and have a functional quality. Lampshades no longer are just a fixture. A lot of product innovation was done and the out is designer lamp shades. They are not just an item of function anymore; they add beauty to the room too.

Wall rugs: House Decor List

Wall rugs and paintings have come in trend recently. People are now using wall paintings to express their taste as well as their identities. Paintings are now considered as an investment more than a hobby of collection.

Floor rugs: House Decor List

Floor rugs are an essential item in the living room. They help provide warmth and cushion from tiles, wooden, and concrete floors, help muffle sounds and get rid of echoes. A smart rug choice can do wonders for any room and home.

Small coffee table: House Decor List

A small coffee table can become the focal point of the room. It can also accommodate a small pot of plants or a few books too. Good coffee near a perfect coffee table can make any blues go away.

Candles: House Decor List

Candles especially the fragrant ones are a favorite item of décor these days. They give a cozy and warm aesthetic to the room which sets a perfect ambiance. A few photographs on the table with some fragrant candles make a corner look beautiful.

Bone-China: House Decor List

Plates and cutlery made of bone china with beautiful have been an item of décor for a long. They are now considered collectible items. The older the bone-china the better. They come in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns and add a vintage touch to the rooms.

Fragrances: House Decor List

Selecting the perfect fragrance for the room is a must. It sets the entire tone of the home. It keeps the room fresh and soothing. Make sure to choose a mild fragrance since strong ones aren’t enjoyed by all.

Keep it simple: House Decor List

The items of décor and the furniture should not create clutter. Make sure to leave ample space for movement. Too many items in the living can also make it a very uncomfortable space instead of a cozy one.

Signature: House Decor List

Do not follow the general norms while decorating the living room. Make sure to use creativity in expressing the identity of the owner. Always try to find your signature color, fragrance, or even a theme; make sure to adhere to it.

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